Peter Rabbit's Personalised Little Book of Virtue

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Looking for a gift for a friend who has an amazing sense of humour, can appreciate witty and Frank advice?

If so, we have the perfect gift for you!

Our Peter Rabbit Little Book of Virtue contains advice on navigating common scenarios whilst remaining a pillar of virtue all through thinly veiled sarcasm - the foreword states “virtue has become an endangered species and society has yet to give it protected status.” 

This Book of Virtue contains extracts from the Beatrix Potter original tales and illustrations which are teamed with frank and witty advice written in the language of Potter's time.

Household hints, are presented along with tips on keeping moral ground, high society, dinner dates, and good old common sense are also covered. And if all else fails, remember “Although it is often said that talking to oneself is the first sign of madness, preferring your own company makes complete sense.”

The recipient's name is added to the header of each page to create a personalised gift, which is presented in a beautiful cream gift box. A personal message can also be included on the opening page of the book.

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