Peter Rabbit's Personalised Little Book of Harmony

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Looking for a gift for a friend who has an amazing sense of humour, can appreciate witty and Frank advice?

If so, we have the perfect gift for you!

“A life of harmony is a constant trade-off between behaving as you wish and offending your friends.” Our Peter Rabbit Little Book of Harmony brings a new twist to the original stories of Beatrix Potter.

Containing extracts from the Beatrix Potter original tales and illustrations which are teamed with frank and witty advice written in the language of Potter's time.

This wonderfully written book of advice when read in our modern day result in a fabulous balance of sarcasm and food for thought.

It covers a range of topics from family, friends, romance and marriage with advice for every situation. There's even advice on loving thy neighbour

A truly unique and wonderful gift that will have your friend laughing out loud!

The recipient's name is added to the header of each page to create a personalised gift, which is presented in a beautiful cream gift box embossed with Peter Rabbit. A personal message can also be included on the opening page of the book.

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