Exciting Book Launch!

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We are thrilled to be able to bring you Abigail's World, a new children's book written by British Author Abi Groves.

This story follows a unique journey of a young child, aimed to teach children how to deal with their anxiety and emotions.

The colourful artwork by Jessica Smith makes it even more appealing to young audiences, with interesting illustrations throughout.

In the book, we see a girl, Abigail, struggling with anxiety. It starts out by recognising some of the signs people with anxiety suffer; dizziness, funny feelings in your tummy which can be helpful for children realising when they need help.

Abigail then goes into her own world 'Abigail's World', a place she has created to go when she feels bad emotions. This is a great message for children and a good way to cope with stress and anxiety. While Abigail is in this make believe world, she writes down her worries in a book - another great coping mechanism.

This book helps children to know what to do in times of stress and even has it's own Worry Journal for your child to write down their own worries and create good healthy mental habits of extracting their concerns by writing them down enabling them to recognise them and work towards overcoming them rather than bottling them up and turning inwards.

My mum and I are absolutely thrilled to have been given the opportunity to review this book and stock it in our store. We hope you and many others will find it extremely useful in this difficult time we live in.

Best wishes to you all, stay safe.

Katie x

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