Chakra Series: the Heart Chakra

Chakra Series: the Heart Chakra

Hi everyone! It's Katie and I'm going to be doing another Chakra blog today. We're on the fourth Chakra, the heart Chakra!

The heart Chakra is located in the chest and because of this, is often associated with a person's personality and passion. When the heart chakra is clear and in tune, you will often find that you have more love and compassion in your life, healing can start and you are passionate about what excites you.

The colours typically used to represent this chakra are greens and pinks. Some crystals that are good for opening this chakra are rose quartz, malachite and emerald, and flowers such as poppies and holly can help.

It's element is air and is associated with the planet Venus, the sense of touch and the animals antelope and birds (specifically doves).

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