Chakra Series: the Crown Chakra

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Hi guys, Katie here! Today I am going to be talking about the first of the seven chakras, the crown chakra. 

This chakra is located on the top of your head, and is seen as where the physical body meets the universe and the soul.

The crown chakra is important for enlightenment, awareness and gratitude. Some benefits of balancing this chakra are to feel inner peace, joy and serenity.

Correspondences of this chakra: 

The colours associated with the crown chakra are violet, white and gold. The direction is upwards, and it is seen to be connected to the brain, skull and pituitary gland. It is associated with the zodiac sign Pisces, and the planets Uranus and Neptune.

You can help to balance this chakra by using the linked crystals, such as amethyst, flourite, selenite and labradorite, as well as through meditation and using the affirmation 'i think'.


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